We specialise in business-to-business communications for technology companies. From strategic planning, lead generation and the implementation of marketing automation through to the design and development of online and social experiences, we create communications that change the way people think about and purchase technology solutions.    


Strategic planning

Using transactional data, web analytics and qualitative interviews, we uncover insights into customer journeys and use these to develop communications programs that shift purchase behaviour.



Marketing automation implementation

When it comes to building relationships, nothing beats one-to-one communication. We make customers more valuable through the personalised and timely delivery of useful, relevant and interesting content.



Lead generation campaigns 

With over ten years B2B experience for some of the world's largest technology brands, Splendid Suggestions' strategists craft engaging consumer experiences across the buying journey that provide value to customers and progress them through to response, nurture, and sales.



Specialist technology B2B social media 

Technology B2B social isn't just about LinkedIn: we work with our clients to craft their social strategy specific to their business needs, from embracing social within the organisation to using social to generate leads.



Digital design & development 

When developing communications that sell, the design and execution of online experiences across mobile, the web and social media are just as important as those that happen face-to-face. From user experience and design through to site builds and analytics, our digital creatives and development specialists ensure our clients’ online properties are useful, intuitive and a little bit splendid.



Content strategy & development

We understand that the B2B technology purchase journey is a complex one. Customer consume at least four pieces of content to make a vendor shortlist. We develop the most appropriate assets to assist customers in their purchase of your solution.